Lake Minnetonka Forecasts
The forecasts provided here are generated by using forecast wind and temperature data from the National Weather Service's Digital Forecast Database at 2.5 km resolution to drive a modified version of the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory's Wind/Wave Model at 50 m resolution. Lake surface temperature information is estimated from available data, and updated as new information becomes available. Forecasts are updated every three hours, and extend 84 hours into the future.

Available Products
latest model forecast: 10 AM CDT 1 June 2017
Significant Wave Height
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10 m Winds

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DISCLAIMER: The prognostics depicted on these pages may not be  available at all times. The accuracy or reliability of the data is not guaranteed nor warranted in any way. The data is provided as is and should not be used as the sole resource for decision making. Numerical forecast guidance is best interpreted by a professional meteorologist who is familiar with the particular modeling system, including any model biases.